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Welcome to Nature Narrations!

February 2024

We are delighted that you have found yourself in this space and hope you will be moved by the ecologically-themed art and narrative here. These pieces inspire a self-reflection and deeper consideration of the many different ways in which nature shapes all of the narratives in our lives. From the natural beauty of climate-vulnerable Pakistan, to climate-crisis job loss and locally driven conservation in the Galápagos. How can we create and work together to make the natural world a better place?



The blog will be updated intermittently; submissions are welcome.

Please send your submissions or questions to:


Holly Martis McCarroll, Editor 

note that rights in the creative products featured here remain the property of their respective authors -

please reach out to the authors directly before using any of their work.

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Cate Twining-Ward
In an Alleged Paradise, Equity is Far from Reach

In the Galápagos it is not hard to come by enchanting stories. In the air there sits a warm silence. Even the simplest of observations, like noticing how the oceans are painted an unbearable blue, inspire long and colorful anecdotes. Upon my arrival I had the impression that writing here would be bliss—until I realized the opposite was true...

Ian Hunt


Crying On the Merced

I cried on the banks of the Merced River, and the water kept on flowing.


I didn’t know if I wanted something from the water or not. Maybe I wanted it to mask the sounds of my sobbing. Yosemite Valley was pretty full that day, and, while I knew hikers were staring at the 24-year-old bearded guy crying just a few steps off trail, maybe they didn’t have to hear. That wasn’t it, though. I thought, knowing me, I wanted a more poetic comfort...


Safa Kamran


This is a collection of photos I took on a trip to Pakistan, my native country. These photos depict the raw, natural beauty of Pakistan's northern regions....


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