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Responding to climate change requires us to act in community:

with hope, grounded in action.

This festival is an invitation to build connections,

engage with climate stories and art,

and cultivate joy and strength:

all critical ingredients in the journey that lies ahead.

Light and Shadow
Abstract Surface

When + Where

Saturday, May 6th
2-6 PM EST

Lenfest Plaza (Outdoors)
615 W 129th St, New York, NY 10027

The Forum (West Atrium + Room 315)
601 W 125th St, New York, NY 10027

Light and Shadow


 (Bring headphones!)
Installation Art

Light and Shadow

(Subject to Change + Additions)

Meditations | Climate Cafe | GenZ Mental Health: Climate Stories | Madel
eine Watts | Ayisha Siddiqa | Tao Leigh Goffe (
bring headphones for Tao's workshop!)| Alex Liebermann | The Territory | Shahid Naeem | Chiemela Enelamah | Kristy Drutman |

Abstract Surface


What if I can't make it for the entire event?
No problem! Come when you can, for as long you can.

Who is this event for? Can I bring friends and family?
Everyone touched by climate (so, everyone.) Yes, all are welcome and the more the merrier.

Do I need to register for this event?
Registration is optional, but appreciated for numbers - sign up HERE!

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