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to a gathering series on climate, community, and speculative futures.



for a June happy hour!

WHEN: A sunny June day
WHERE: Morningside/Harlem

WHAT: Community 

We’re creating a generative space[1] for the ideas, feelings[2] and stories[3] that climate change provokes. It is clear that the climate crisis demands collaboration across academic and artistic disciplines, and beyond academic spaces. We engage with one another in our present to imagine possible futures.


This series is designed to build trust and community amongst affiliates of Columbia and the greater New York community, enabling us to grapple and work with the reality of emotions around climate action[4]. We will use these conversations to generate a spring festival that invites the public to engage with the concepts and tools we co-create[5]. 


We aim to meet twice a month. If you’re able to join, we ask that you commit to coming to as many gatherings as you can, so we can build a community. For more information and to RSVP, click here. 


[1] These gatherings were born out of an online salon series that we hosted throughout COVID. In this series people often used books, poems, phrases of philosophy, etc to give many angles into the subject they were speaking about. We play with this here in the footnotes.

[2] “Hope is the hardest love we carry” (Jane Hirshfield).

[3] “We talk about dishwasher tablets, we talk about love” (Fever Ray).

[4] “All that you touch// You Change.// All that you Change // Changes you. //The only lasting truth // Is Change” (Octavia Butler).

[5] “Can we give ourselves space to dream?” (Bryan Lee).

join here.

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