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Safa Kamran


This is a collection of photos I took on a trip to Pakistan, my native country. These photos depict the raw, natural beauty of Pakistan's northern regions. With Pakistan being one of the most climate-vulnerable countries and suffering from numerous climate-related crises, as well as various environmental issues such as severe air and water pollution, I strive to remind myself and others with these photos of Pakistan's breathtaking natural landscapes, one of the many things at risk from climate change. 


My name is Safa Muhammad. I am an undergraduate student in Columbia College interested in Sustainable Development and Economics. I have always had a passion for nature and landscape photography, particularly in capturing the natural beauty of the places I travel to. I love to explore, whether that be nature or the city, and am always inspired and awed by the scenes I am able to capture. I am also an avid reader, puzzle lover, and coffee addict.

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