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A space for climate storytellers to convene and collaborate together.

We're cultivating a global community of climate storytellers.

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Are you a...

fiction writer | filmmaker | performer | artist | musician | animator | essayist | poet | technologist | journalist | playwright | screenwriter | comics creator | photographer | designer | producer | documentarian | science communicator | climate justice organizer | dreamer of a hopeful and regenerative future?

Perfect! So are we. No matter how you identify, you have a role here. Join us!

We operate a community center for climate storytellers of all mediums, developing resources and connections to help them convene and collaborate.


Our community center is open, inclusive, and accessible to all. We are deeply committed to participatory storytelling that uplifts underrepresented voices.

We're focused on building authentic relationships, while presenting a myriad of opportunities for storytellers to expand their reach, visibility, and impact.

Our community center is bifurcated into a virtual space and a physical space. The two parallel spaces operate in tandem with each other, exchanging tools and techniques to produce, publish, and exhibit community climate stories.

Virtual Space

Hosted on the Ecological Design Collective platform, our virtual space serves as a central hub to interweave the many climate storytelling communities that exist across the internet. Users may engage the platform in conjunction with other digital tools to develop collaborative narrative projects in exciting new ways that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Our tools include Unity, Twine, Inkle, and We're also integrated with Mozilla Hubs, a virtual world and immersive commons where users can gather and create together. Our virtual space is free, open-source, and accessible to all.

Physical Space

Our physical space is in development at the Center for Climate Solutions on Governors Island in New York City. Storytellers will be able to engage with the resources, sites, and amenities offered at a premier climate center, with proximity to other organizations and practitioners involved with climate and the arts. The physical space will serve as a hub for storytellers to convene, create together, cultivate relationships, and share climate stories with the public. Stay tuned for updates about our physical space and the opportunities it will provide for learning, connecting, and creating.

Workshops & Residencies

Community storytellers receive the tools and space to produce creative writing about climate futures, as well as stories in other mediums — film, animation, hypertext, games, poetry, music, and much more. We offer residencies for climate storytellers to delve deeply into their work, while receiving editorial and curatorial support from the consortium. We routinely offer participatory hands-on workshops in both our virtual and physical spaces for storytelling, training, learning, creating, publishing, networking, playing, cross-pollination, and communal growth.

Publishing & Exhibition

The consortium connects our community storytellers with ample opportunities for publication, syndication, distribution, curation, and exhibition. We partner with media outlets, magazines, publishers, and museums to uplift and disseminate our community climate stories to the public. We are developing libraries and repositories for climate stories, which include galleries, venues, and public sites for exhibitions and performances at our physical space. Through our partnerships in filmmaking, we bridge the rift between participatory and Hollywood storytelling.

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We're curating a public library for climate futures,

which is free, online, open-source, and accessible to all.


Anyone is welcome to contribute to the library by uploading a submission to our channel.

A public library and communal repository for climate fiction stories of all mediums, genres, and modalities.
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