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A center for climate artists and storytellers to convene and collaborate together.

We're cultivating a global community of climate storytellers.

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Who is a storyteller?

Are you a...

fiction writer | artist | filmmaker | performer | musician | comedian | essayist | poet | technologist | journalist | animator | playwright | screenwriter | architect | photographer | designer | producer | documentarian | science communicator | choreographer | climate justice organizer | dreamer of a regenerative future?

Perfect! So are we. No matter how you identify, you have a role here. Join us!

We run a community center on Governors Island in New York City, developing resources and connections to help climate storytellers convene and collaborate.

We're focused on building authentic relationships, while presenting a myriad of opportunities for climate storytellers to expand their reach, visibility, and impact.

Our community center is open, inclusive, and accessible to all. We are deeply committed to cultivating a collaborative space together that uplifts every voice.

Blue Skies

Parallel Communities

We operate a virtual community space in parallel with the physical community space on Governors Island. Click here to register for an account. To join the group automatically, please enter Climate Imaginarium when asked, "Here to join a specific group?" (If you're not automatically added, you can join the group here after creating an account.)

Our virtual community is based internationally and powered by the Ecological Design Collective, with support from Johns Hopkins University. This hybrid format enables us to connect artists with new audiences in ways that wouldn’t otherwise be possible and allows us to exhibit work on Governors Island created by our international community of artists.

We hope you’ll join our community, whether virtually or in person. You can connect with our virtual community on your phone by downloading the EDC Hub app for
iPhone or Android. We also have two WhatsApp group chats for those who are based in New York City.

Image by Manuel Will

We're curating a public library for climate futures,

which is free, online, open-source, and accessible to all.


Anyone is welcome to contribute to the library by uploading a submission to our channel.

A public library and communal repository for ecological literacy and climate fiction stories of all mediums and genres.
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