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From climate fiction
to regenerative design.

We plan to develop interdisciplinary pedagogy and conduct research to translate climate stories into climate solutions.


We aim to engage in artistic, cultural, and narrative research. We plan to conduct research on the study of climate imaginations, climate emotions, and regenerative design. Our research will translate ideas from climate fiction into climate solutions and leverages the intellectual capital of our university partners to uplift communities.


We plan to partner with educators on transdisciplinary pedagogy for students of all ages engaged in the study of climate imaginations. We aim to integrate mindfulness education with social-emotional learning and engage in scholarship around the subject of climate narrative, including solarpunk, ecocriticism, and Afrofuturism.

Regenerative Design

Storytelling and ecological design are intertwined. If we can imagine climate solutions within a fictional world, then we can implement them in the real world. If storytelling is the art of speculative imagination, ecological design is the art of translating imagination into practice and implementing radical, viable solutions. Our research will convert storytelling into design for speculative and resilient climate futures.


Regenerative design considers how communities can go beyond sustainability and strive for regeneration of the ecosphere. Drawing from disciplines of permaculture, urban design, landscape architecture, and biomimicry, the Imaginarium will design regenerative systems based on ecological processes to solve human problems.

Invention, Innovation,
& Imagination Incubator

We plan to run a regenerative design lab for speculative climate futures.

We will take imaginary ideas that originate within the worlds of climate fiction and transform them into viable solutions for the real world.

I⁴ will develop radical and experimental climate solutions for the real world that feel as though they belong in the world of climate fiction. Indeed, science fiction has often inspired real technologies throughout history, and climate fiction has the same potential to inspire viable solutions.


By collaborating with researchers, designers, and technologists, I⁴ will draw upon the world of climate fiction to invent breakthrough climate solutions that appear at first glance seemingly impossible.

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