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A production studio and clearinghouse for developing, producing, and adapting climate stories into film and media.

We collaborate with our partners in Hollywood to adapt

community climate stories into cinematic film and media.

Throughout history, stories portrayed on film have influenced popular opinion, transformed social zeitgeist, and elevated public consciousness. There is an increasing demand for climate stories in visual media, and our consortium is best situated to fill that role.

We’re partnered with premier climate publications, amassing an extensive library of editorial IP. Our strategic partnerships enable community climate stories to become adapted, developed, and produced across different modes of storytelling, unlocking new opportunities for audience reach, visibility, and impact.

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We refer to the Good Energy playbook in concert with Grist's Imagine 2200 climate fiction repository.

Narrative Unit

First, we're building a climate fiction repository in partnership with award-winning climate magazines to solicit, syndicate, and publish climate fiction stories that are authored from within our community.


Then, we adapt, develop, and produce those stories from our climate fiction repository into long-form scripted animation — and, eventually, live action. We work with partners in Hollywood to share these visual stories with new audiences around the world.


Documentary Unit

Our partner publications have amassed extensive editorial libraries, which exist in parallel with our climate fiction repositories. We adapt investigative and editorial journalism into bold and cinematic documentary film, uprooting climate violence, uplifting climate solutions, and inspiring hopeful climate futures.

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Immersive & Interactive Media

We produce interactive and immersive media about climate futures. Examples include virtual reality storytelling, video game development, visual novels, and hypertext climate fiction. With the next era of immersive technologies imminent, these emerging fields of new media have much room for growth in the climate realm. We're excited to be innovators in this area.

...but it's not just film...

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Theater & Performance


We operate a theater company, working with playwrights, dramaturges, directors, librettists, and choreographers to produce theater, dance, musicals, and other performances that adapt and portray climate stories on stage.

Writing & Visual Art

We operate a literary agency, working with magazines, indie presses, and publishing companies to distribute climate fiction in print. We also work with museums and galleries to curate artwork that imagines climate futures.

Music & Sound

Our studio serves as an A&R intermediary between musicians and record labels to identify, produce, and distribute music about climate futures. We also produce audio stories as podcasts, radio, immersive soundscapes, and sound art.

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