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A production studio and clearinghouse for incubating climate stories of any medium.

We adapt, develop, produce, and publish our community's climate stories as film, theater, writing, art, and music.

Image by Codioful (Formerly Gradienta)

Throughout history, stories in literature, film, and theater have influenced popular opinion, transformed social zeitgeist, predicted novel inventions, and elevated public consciousness.

Less than 3% of stories portrayed on stage and screen acknowledge the climate crisis. The Imaginarium acts as a grassroots incubator to develop and produce climate stories that uplift the visions, imaginations, and lived experiences of our community members. We aim to create a clearinghouse to distribute those stories to our partners in the arts, media, and film industries.

We plan to collaborate with climate scientists and community leaders to ensure climate stories are scientifically accurate and elevate the voices of those most impacted by the climate crisis.

Film & Television

Our media partners have amassed an extensive library of climate stories. We aim to collaborate with our partners in Hollywood to adapt, develop, produce, and distribute these stories into film and animation.

Theater & Dance

We aim to work with playwrights, dramaturges, directors, librettists, and choreographers to produce theater, dance, musicals, and other performances that adapt and portray climate stories on stage.

Music & Sound

We aim to support musicians in performing, producing, and distributing music about climate futures. We also support the production of audio stories as podcasts, immersive soundscapes, and sound art.

Documentary & Journalism

We aim to adapt investigative and editorial journalism into bold and cinematic documentary film, uprooting climate violence, uplifting climate solutions, and inspiring hopeful climate futures.

Writing & Visual Art

We aim to work with writers, magazines, and publishers to distribute climate fiction, poetry, and creative writing in print. We also work with museums and galleries to curate artwork that imagines climate futures.

Immersive & Interactive Media

We aim to produce interactive and immersive media about climate futures. Examples include virtual reality storytelling, video game development, visual novels, and hypertext climate fiction.

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