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A space for learning, exhibition, performance, and engagement with the public.

We're committed to public engagement
with a measurable social impact.

Image by Sonny Mauricio

Public Programming

Our arts programming includes theater performances, art installations, film screenings, concerts, poetry readings, exhibits, immersive experiences, comedy, and so much more.

We host a series of public workshops, festivals, conferences, panels, classes, and events to convene community members, climate leaders, and artists. We also offer activities for participants to safely and mindfully explore climate emotions in community together.

We run a series of community circles, where groups based on shared interest, identity, or affinity may gather in our spaces for communal experiences. Some groups include the Climate Creatives Circle, Climate Comedy Collective, and Climate Writers Collective.

Image by Atsadawut Chaiseeha

Social Impact

Climate justice is inextricably linked with storytelling. The Imaginarium amplifies climate stories to the public, where they can have a long-term social impact. We're unequivocally committed to the Jemez principles, where communities have ownership over their own stories and visions.

We partner with frontline communities and climate justice organizations to elevate the voices of those most impacted by the climate crisis. We engage in the arts to inspire hope in moments of calamity and to cultivate a cultural transformation towards a more just and regenerative future.

We take a grassroots approach to the arts. We bring community members together and provide them with tools, resources, and connections with cultural institutions to incubate their climate stories. We showcase their climate stories as art, film, writing, theater, and music on Governors Island — where a million people visit each year — to amplify their reach, visibility, and impact.

We are planning an institute for liberation ecologies,

which is seeding culture for a transformative political vision.

  Coming Soon!  


What will climate justice look like in the commons? What would social, political, and economic systems look like in a regenerative future? How would the world look if systems of extraction, exploitation, and domination were dismantled? How can we envision an ecocentric ethos?

The institute will represent an intellectual and cultural pursuit to uproot the hierarchies of power that uphold climate violence and ecocide, and to uplift a transformative vision for the future.

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