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Community Climate Storytelling Consortium

We're a consortium of climate arts and storytelling organizations leveraging our collective power to imagine transformative and regenerative futures.

The science is irrefutable. Before we're able to pass legislation and change the system, we need to evolve our culture and dream as big as we can.


That's where we come in. Our consortium is cultivating a community for climate storytellers of all mediums to convene and collaborate, while providing space for learning, exhibition, and engagement with the public.


The consortium also produces climate stories across a range of narrative media — writing, film, animation, immersive media, and more — while informing new pedagogies and research with a measurable social impact.

Stay tuned as we begin to build out our operations and programming in New York City.

Let’s dream a better future together.


Our work is supported by a consortium of partnerships spanning cultural institutions and community organizations, including universities, museums, magazines, Hollywood, and more.




Coming Soon...

Want to join the consortium? Let us know!



Storytelling is indispensable to social change. As a collective of climate storytellers, we are radical dreamers with a bold vision for a transformative and regenerative future.

We firmly believe cross-pollination amplifies the power of storytelling. It can enable communities to imagine hopeful futures that uplift climate justice and collective liberation. Together, we dream until what seems impossible becomes possible.

Speculative storytelling can uproot the hierarchies of power that uphold the climate crisis, while dreaming of a transformative vision to cultivate a regenerative future.

Dreaming of a better future gives us a blueprint to build the world we want to live in. Imagination is limitless, and a better future is possible if we dare to dream.

Full manifesto coming soon...

Imagining Futures

We're tapped into artistic, literary, and cultural movements that inspire hope in moments of climate calamity. We uplift and disseminate speculative stories of justice and resilience in climate fiction through our studio, while imagining radical climate solutions for the real world in our laboratory that originate within the worlds of climate fiction.

Full Moon

Uplifting People

We're cultivating resilient communities, while honoring our roots in storytelling, science, and justice. Our programming engages the public to explore esoteric subjects, such as climate emotions, while our community space offers a hub for climate storytellers to convene and collaborate together. These synergies are integral to a regenerative future.


Sustain our stories.

With your generous support, we are better equipped to imagine regenerative futures.

The Community Climate Storytelling Consortium is a fiscally sponsored initiative of

Open Collective Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Your gift is tax-deductible in the U.S. to the extent allowed by the law.

The consortium itself is fiscally independent from individual consortium partners.

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